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Guangbo industrialized country expands and adds the new faceranteed
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Guangbo:( reporter Zhang Xuying), recently, the plastic branch of Guangbo Group which is one of the leading manufacture the bases moved to a new factory workshops,, the staff xiaozhang says that he has the sense of the old looks insteading of new face from the original crowd workshop to the spacious bright new ones . What moved this time includes raw materials storages, auxiliary materials storage, etc. The Guangbo industrialized garden took up an area of 9.333 hectares originally. There are official business, production and storage base, such as subsidiary factory, album branch, plastic branch, dining room and storage, etc., the area of construction of total is X Square meter, in 2002, for the need of Guangbo industry’s new development and New production. Guangbo group expands 5.333 in adjacent range, and already finished on capital construction at present. The newly factory building constructed owns X Square meter, adopt the grid structure without exception, such kind of structure is spacious, the good delighting, well ventilate. After new factory building built up, two workshops, plastic branch, implement and move all-sidedly, raw materials storage and auxiliary materials storage moved wholly too. Former plastic branch was changed to inner sale branch, mainly used in the supply of Guangbo stationery production in the domestic market.

At present, capital construction has already been finished in the Guangbo industrialized garden. Covering an area of 14.667 hectares in all, the area of construction is X square meter, and affronting rate is 35%. The construction of Guangbo industrialized garden has been basically completed. Its main task is to study, develop and store notebook album namometer, digital camerabed so on. It also in charge of color printing pack,, plastic production and supply of raw materials,etc. the Guangbo industrialized garden has already formed a modernized industrial park incorporating researching, developing and producing with the storage into an organic whole basically.

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