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GuangBo introduces “one card enough” systemranteed
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In these days, the project of “one card enough” for attendance, dining, entry supplied by the company has finished. The general card system will set up overall attendance network in office building, stationery branch, album branch, print branch and synthetic resin branch, etc. Such bad factors as blocked information in attendance will take a full turn for the better.

GuangBo group consistently focuses on information-based construction. The warehouse management system and standard financial management system that was developed through the cooperation between the group and software companies is high overall planning capacity and has been still used now. The management system for print notice in WEB edition workshop that was developed independently by GuangBo is used in some section. Now, according to its own advantage, the GuangBo group’s information-based integrated system, applying the most advanced MRPII theory in the world and combining JIT with APS concepts, made secondly development on the basis of actual condition of stationery trade and GuangBo group on the platform of the company’s subsistent Golden ERP 3.0 corporation resource management software, and established a set of advanced, practical, stable and reliable information-based management system that has the group’s characteristic.

“The one card enough” is the fundamental construction which GuangBo group enforces information-based construction, which provides the fundamental guarantee for all-round accessing staff and developing further information-based system.

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