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review- how does the 6s go on
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6s is an important measure made by GuangBo group for entrenching its development of 2003. Up to now, 6s has ostentatiously held employees training twice including middle managers and leaders above team and group level. However, it is just putting away the cup after taking a sip- making a superficial study only every time. After the leaders attended the meeting with tired emotion, they did nothing about it at all but still focusing on their routine works. When they were asked for some advice on 6s, they said with puzzled expression: “ oh, I am very busy.”

I am busy, as if it has been the customary word used by every GuangBo’s employee. Maybe, we also often see each of them coming and going hurriedly, and doing this or that work endlessly. How busy they are! And being busy has been the best excuse by which every section and individual’s refusal couched in polite terms to accept new management measure. “Business is important, work is important, who will take the time off their busy schedule to study the new measure?”, which can often be heard from some employees who regard their routine work as very important things. Nietzsche said: “mankind would at least retrogress 200 years without my mental world.” I don’t know it’s real meaning. Coming into an office, the writer interviewed a GuangBo’s employee who claimed to be very busy and left them 10 minutes, because then he will attend an important meeting and then dealing his business bills, which recalled me of that chemist in article of “ ChenYi mayor”. Because seeing him looking for something important over and over again in piles of documents, so the writer asked him what he was looking for. He said he was looking for a yesterday’s document that will be used, so the writer asked to offer a help to the busy person to sort these documents. He said: “ what a mass I made! Actually, I was so busy that I have no time to sort them”. The writer sorted out useful documents and useless ones, then filed these useful documents in several empty folders and pasted the mark. The writer told him: “ you can catalogue your daily documents in this folder, then put finished documents in another one, it is as easy as lifting a finger, if you had done like what I do everyday, such things would not be happened”. In fact, developing daily sorting and cleaning to be your habit, making disorder to be order, releasing yourself from up and doing is the real purpose of 6s.

6s calls for mobilization and participation of entire staff. Actually, there are some disadvantageous factors such as small room, few members, etc, when the company introduces 6s measure. But we should overcome these difficulties, and manage to design new management for GuangBo instead of trying in every way to push these difficulties to leaders and 6s members and saying “we can’t sort these, can you help me”? Such being the case, 6s has no use at all, we would rather employ some office helpers who are good at arrangement, sweeping and cleaning to do that.

The company’s unsound management system and employee’s weak consciousness results in severe potential waste. The strength of 6s perfects management at the root and puts an end to waste and improves working efficiency. So long as every section, every employee cooperates and takes an action positively, 6s will really be introduced and really be a characteristic of the company.

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