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GuangBo stationery overall developing domestic market.ranteed
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set three focal points around one central task

In these days,GuangBo Industrial COM, LTD, mainly operated GuangBo stationery, uniformly adjusted and disposed the group of development, production and marketing on domestic market, re-optimized and reorganized them including overseas related group.

GuangBo group consistently focuses on domestic market development and has opened 15 branches and offices in BeiJing, ShangHai, ShenYang, etc. in recent years for delivering GuangBo stationery to various areas around the country. However, due to unsound and deficient group construction on development, production and marketing, in addition to immature domestic stationery market, much market has been occupied by others companies of manufacturing stationery. In these days, GuangBo Industrial COM, LTD held the domestic marketing meeting specialized how to largely develop domestic stationery market with its brand and network advantages.

Formerly, domestic stationery trade was uniformly planned and distributed by central government. With further reform and opening-up, many foreign-funded companies set up in some middle and large cities in coastal areas, whose some new cultural consumer practices affected domestic companies’ demand and consumption, and stimulated and prompted the change of consumption structure. Formerly, domestic companies of manufacturing stationery went abroad and figured their brands in global economic ocean, nowadays, they reverse their feelers to probe domestic market as well as GuangBo did with the rationalization of the domestic stationery consumption.

According to incomplete statistic figures, there are now elementary school students and middle school students of about 180 millions, high school students of 30 millions, adult educational students of 5 millions, the leaders of companies and institutions of 34 millions. Because the social development requires further strength of cultural and educational qualities of citizens, and massive increase of education investment, there is broad consumer market in stationery trade. Stationery market capacity in the country has exceeded 100 billions RMB, and stationery market increased above 10% annually in recent years. With the maturity of exclusive selling stationers and professional market, the influence of distribution market has gradually overshadowed, which requires the improvement of management and service connotations of operators. The medium and high-grade products in terms of brand name products will become the mainstream of consumption, on the other hand, the stationery that made of non- poison and regenerative material will also be prevailing.

GuangBo set one central task and three focal points of domestic stationery development: the central task is that taking brand appeal as center to mainly strengthen and develop the stationery consumption market in east China and north China where takes ShangHai and BeiJing as the leading cities, and to gradually advance to the west China, middle China and south China areas. Three focal points are to develop supermarkets as the main marketing channels, students as main consumer group and excellent price versus performance ratio as main marketing pull.

According to ShuGuoliang, general manager with GuangBo industrial company, consumption in supermarket has been the main way where students, teachers, residents and companies and institutions purchase stationery with the multi-element development of domestic stationery. Moreover, brand appeal and design idea take very important effect in the supermarkets and other places that the degree of free choice is very high. Certainly, to a certain extent, quality and price are also crucial factors to decision-making. Thus the company inaugurated specialized battle lines of development, production and marketing in local market. On development, the company gathered many professional designers to develop various products for domestic stationery market, esp. for elementary school and middle school students and high-grade office stationery. At the same time, the company also gradually expanded professional, high-grade and protect-environmental album businesses in the country.

According to ShuGuoliang, the company will strengthen service function of large offices for fully changing the old marketing routine through traditional agency channels, and increase the plan and control to marketing networks and coverage rate through close cooperation between the offices and supermarkets and agencies in various areas. ShangHai as an example, GuangBo stationery will enter on the counters in some large chain hypermarkets and will make the single breed cover 60-70 breeds.

Taking brand appeal as the center, around 3 focal points of supermarket as main marketing channel, students as main consumer group, excellent price versus performance ratio as main marketing pull, expanding GuangBo stationery’s domestic market coverage rate and occupation rate, making GuangBo stationery become the first brand in domestic stationery trade, which make the first step towards a landmark overseas business expansion.

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