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Guangbo Stationery Won Good Reputation in Canton Fairranteed
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On oct.30th, Guangbo staff members who attended the 92nd Canton Fair came back with full of good news. During the Canton Fair, Guangbo stationeries, as outstanding qualified stationery, has reached intention cooperation with more than 50 countries and regions, such as Europe, America, Middle East, South-East Asia and so on. The capital of intent reached 4 million US dollars, and over 75% has been signed. Those capitals do present a generous gift for the ten years’ pioneering work of Guangbo Group.

To make the foreigners know more about Guangbo production, Guangbo Group pioneers the actively, seeks the opinion from traders of different countries. In these ten years, Guangbo devote itself to develop new productions with leading consciousness. The group has self-designed finalize a manuscript and produced over 200 kind of stationeries in different styles, changing the enterprise from a print basic traditional paper production to special material production with higher grade. Moreover, the staff members who had attended the Canton Fair are all professional personnel in negotiation with foreign merchants. They wore unified nameplate in the same suits. At the same time, the members assimilated famous enterprises’ experience in arranging exhibits to have better surroundings for cooperative negotiation.

Shu Yaoping, manager of the foreign trade department, said that in the Canton Fair photo albums were what the company tried to introduce and were also what had the most volumes of business. The reasons for why Guangbo photo albums can find favor from peoples all over the world are various. First, Gungbo photo albums mainly develops “baby series” in designing and put out more than 50 kinds of environment-protect-style taking relaxation, entertainment, traveling and holidays as the theme. Second, Guangbo photo album lays stress on traditional culture as well as express strong individual characters. Third, Guangbo photo albums are made of particular material and printed-paper. Finally, Guangbo photo albums meet the need of the peoples with different cultures from different countries and regions.

It is said that in this Canton Fair, Guangbo stationeries won great favor of foreign merchants from France, Germany, Britain, Russia, etc, reaching 40% of the total volume of business. American markets, such as the USA and Canada, reaches 30% of the total volume of business. The rest 30% has been to Soudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, Hang Kong, etc.

He Xiaohong, president of China National Light Industrial Handicraft Articles Import & Export Cooperation, affirmed the great achievements Guangbo had won in the past ten years when she was visiting Guangbo’s exhibits. She said Guangbo productions should stick to the advantages of quality and try to build up famous name, so as to make the productions with more competitive power and to broaden the range of foreign markets in production exporting.

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