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Flying higher
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hejiang Guangbo Group ended the Global Operation & Sales Conference of Guangbo Group, also as a celebration for Guangbo’s ten years of development, in October. To the 3,000 staff members of the Group, the conference is no wonder a milestone. Balloons are flyng in the sky over Guangbo Science & Technology District with the hope of flying higher. What is the experience of Guangbo’ development in the ten years?

In 1992, President Deng Xiaoping’s inspection in the south brought the fast economic development in the south. And greatly encouraged by the development, Guangbo Group operated in a high spirit in system reforming. In 1994, Guangbo Group received the fist lot of foreign trade order forms and went into a way of quick development. In 1995, to keep up with the 9th Five-Year Scheme and the long-range development goal by 2010 of China, Guangbo Group registered trademark as “Guangbo”. Later, the trademark was registered in more than 30 countries and regions all over the world. In 1997, Guangbo members tried to open up markets in Asia and established a branch company in Hang Kong to welcome Hang Kong’s coming back China. In 1999, to celebrate the 50th birthday of PRC and welcome Macao’s coming back China, Guangbo Group established a branch company in the United Arab Emirates to develop foreign markets in Africa and Middle East. In 2001, with China’s entering WTO, Guangbo Group established a branch company in the USA to enter American markets. In 2002, Guangbo convened the Global Operation & Sales Conference and celebrated the ten years development to confirm the international management idea as “no-distance contact”. The ten years’ experience symbolizes the development of Guangbo Group. And the development of Guangbo Group is an epitome of China’s economic development. Guangbo Group, after ten years of hard work, has found a way for economic development and determines to achieve more.

On the foundation laying ceremony, Guangbo members have realized that the foundation ceremony of Guangbo Science & Technology District and new goal of economic development showed their promise of achieving more.

Listening to the Song of Spring, feeling the steps of spring, Guangbo members are determined to fly higher with high spirit.

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