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Paper made stationery products have antidumping problems

China cooperate with America to oppose the unfair case

Guangbo reply to the American antidumping case positively


On the 8th, Sep, American stationery paper supplier association lodged an appeal to American board of trade and international trade committee for the antidumping investigation of the stationery paper products from China, India and Indonesia. Guangbo Group as the leading enterprise in paper made stationery industry line takes the responsibility to reply this antidumping case.

Review of events

In order to protect the profit of American own enterprise, AASPS bring an accusation against China, India and Indonesia as one model of notebook price may be below the normal sales price level. And it is also pointed out that American paper manufacturer will be beaten if no action is taken by the board of trade.

In this case, the products include lineation notebook, student use notebook, paper element. The three countries China, India and Indonesia will be collected dumping duty and the rate is from 207% to 319%. If Chinese enterprises don’t answer the litigation, they may be charged 200%-300% heavy taxes that mean the door for export to America closed. Guangbo occupy 25% export value in America market amount 10 million USD. So Guangbo Group must attend to this antidumping case.

Analysis causation

Some people in this industry line may be surprised by this news and cann’t understand it. But it proves that Chinese stationery manufacture ability is increasing continuingly not matter on production ability, craftwork level or design ability, marketing ability. American people come to accept “made in China” products and even love them that bring great pressure to the same industry line in America.

The operation ability and cost control of American manufacturer can not compare with Chinese manufacturer, so their products are not so competitive. Many manufacturers come to realize sales localization. For example, Guangbo group has established branch company in America that will be menacing to American enterprises.

Leading position in the line.

Guangbo Group paid more attention on American market news collection. Our American branch company knew the antidumping case in the first time. When we got this news, we sent it to China light industry arts and crafts import and export chamber of commerce and stationery and sporting goods association.

As soon we got the news of antidumping for Chinese paper making stationery products, Guangbo group combined with all the stationery enterprises in China and contacted with Chinese stationery and sporting goods association to hold relative meeting in Beijiang and Shanghai on 26th, Sep and 16th, Sep separately. Our chamber of commerce organized enterprise in this case to perform first phrase undamaged deraignment.  Dubian Group, Shanghai Yalong, Fujian Henda, Taizhou Delijia, Jiaxing Hai’ou these stationery enterprise attended meeting.

Chinese stationery and sporting goods association chairman Huqichang said that it was the first time that there were so many stationery enterprises collected together under such situation.

Main body appeal

In order to reduce the bad affect, Guangbo group will attend this case. America is one of our biggest markets, so we shall do our best to reduce the anti dumping duties as low as we can. If w

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