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Named 8.1 women basketball team     Marketing Guangbo stationery in China


On 5th, April, “8.1 Guangbo Stationery women basketball” combined with liberation 8.1 sports and industry team and Zhejiang Guangbo Group held the signature ceremony in Beijing. 8.1 Guangbo women basketball start a new turn of team when they shook hands with our president Mr.Wangliping.





According to the signed agreement, 8.1 women basket team will cooperate with Guangbo Group for 3 years. Started from Oct, 2005, 8.1 women basketball change name to “8.1 Guangbo Stationery basketball team” in the match season of WCBA2005-2006. And then, there are 2 teams in Ningbo, another one is 8.1 man basketball team.

Guangbo Group is the multi-industry group specialized in producing album, office products and paper making stationery. In the recent years, we also made research in digital camera, namometer these new and high technology industry line. Now, there are 5000 employees in our company, 17.5% are graduate, 18 foreign employees, 4 doctors; We own 4 joint ventures, 4 oversea companies and 2 high and new technology enterprises, totally 15 stock holding branch companies with total capital more than 1 billion.

Guangbo Group is one of the 500 top private enterprises and one of 30 top stationery and sporting goods enterprises in China. Guangbo products are the famous brand products in Zhejiang Province and listed as “famous brand export product supported and developed by our country” by national foreign economy and trade bureau. We were awarded as good quality enterpries in export and our products export to more than 60 countries in Europe, America and East-South Asia.

As the one of biggest enterprises in stationery industry, Guangbo Group devote itself spreading most excellent national culture and enterprise culture. This time, we combine with 8.1 women basketball team that is the spirit combination of “exploiting and striving”. Most important, when 8.1 women won more times on the match, Guangbo stationery also developed further in its market.

“Wide sky, great mind” is the explanation of Guangbo enterprise culture in loving culture, sports and public welfare establishments. Guangbo group will start a lot of public welfare establishments that will enrich the meaning of Guangbo enterprise culture and improve the reputation of our brand name.



Approaching 8.1 basketball team



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