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Periodical 30

Version 1


Developing together and build harmoniousness

Building Guangbo culture based on the power of core value


----By Wangliping


Building socialism harmonious society is the developing center in 2005. It is also the direction for Guangbo Group and the good wish of our Group. We devote ourselves to develop a kind of enterprise atmosphere with inner fair, democracy, honesty and health. And we keep to building enterprise culture with innovation, study, honesty and mission to promote our company in way of professionalization and globalization.

Enterprise culture is not just a kind of theory but shall be combined with employees. So Guangbo people think “ harmonious development” shall be spread to all employees and it shall accord to 2 conceptions, one is harmoniousness and development. But our enterprise culture divides these 2 conceptions to “study, innovation, honest and mission”. Harmoniousness means containing, understanding and fair and “ development” shows the character of innovation and advancing with time.

I think it need to establish 3 main framework in order to build harmonious development conception or special enterprise culture that can not be imitated.

Keep excellence for leader team

Excellent leader term is the important guarantee for the continuously development of the enterprises. The leading term shall be harmonious, continuously developing, and forward looking and with confirmed decision but not just a lion leading a group of sheep.

Strategy management expert Jiangnuxiang consider that an enterprise may depend on someone to get success but the continuously development of a company shall base on a group or scientific management system. Without continuous and uniform management team, under strong competition, the company will go down.

So in order to build our leader term, we shall build party entertainment center and favorable learning and communication situation to keep the advancement of our party.

Form harmoniously developing talent resource.

In the modern enterprise, talent resource is the core resource and can not be neglected. So we perform the theory of “Study model “ employee that is the key for a company to get success.

We apply 2 ways to solve the problem of harmonious developing talent resource. One is to improve and cultivate the ability of talent, another way is to use the present talent resource properly. The adult enterprise will make career plan for their employees that is the essential factor for the enterprise to create harmonious enterprise environment.

I always said that we can not lose any one in our group otherwise it may bring negative result. We are not allowed any talents, customer and Guangbo spirit. Some enterprises neglect to cultivate talent and dismiss them when they are useless. But in our Group we hold many activities to train our talent and make particular career plan for our employees.

Create opening and compatible culture atmosphere.

You must own opening and compatible c

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