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Praise performance, point out direction

Vice-Chairman of National political association came to visit Guangbo Group

On the 29th, June, Vice Chairman Zhoutienong of national political association, vice director Zhangqia of National political association in talent resource department, vice director Ai’qingchun, profession Yelang from Beijing university, rector Yangqi from China nuclear power research and design office totally about 40 leaders and experts accompanied by municipality leaders came to visit Guangbo Group.

Vice chairman Zhoutienong came to our sample room firstly, he was surprised to see too many different stationery products especially our digital camera when he knew that the digital camera was research and developed by our company.

Then they listened report made by our president Wangliping. President said that we have been the leading enterprise in the stationery line as we stick to make excellent, delicate and powerful products. Now Guangbo not only do OEM brand but also cooperate with other companies to make our industry much stronger. After introduction of our company by our president, vice chairman Zhoutienong agreed the way to improve competition power by combining superior resource.

Our another product is digital camera that was started from 2002. After international market and domestic market research and considering digital technology and digital product market acceptance, we put our digital camera product in the medium position. With 3 years efforts, our digital camera products have been accepted by local market and also sold to world market. Besides digital camera, Guangbo Group also invested a lot to build several namometer technology production line to realize industry transformation to high and new technology industry from traditional industry.

When president talked about digital camera, Zhoutienong and other leaders were interested in it very much. They asked some questions like the present production and sales situation of our digital camera and also found out the advantage and shortage between our digital camera with other international brand.  Now we have finished more than 10 digital camera production line and annual production ability could reach to 3.5 million sets. Vice chairman Zhoutienong praised our performance only in 3 years and encourage us to work harder and make digital company and namometer company stronger.



Guangbo training is beginning


If we want to be excellent enterprise, we need superior talents resource as the directors of our some departments. And it is very important to improve the management efficiency for these directors. On the 18th, June, Guangbo Group invited professional instructor from Jianfeng management technology research academy to train our medium level directors for 2 months.

In 21st century, On one hand, with the development of economy and advancement of technology, knowledge turns more important in present enterprises. The base of industry economy is turning to knowledge capital from substance resource and money capital. Success to future enterprise is how to knowledge quickly and effectively. On the another hand, the function of superior to manage his department become more important but not only just reply on the strict management system.

These instructors are full of management experi

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