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Periodical 28

Version 1 Guangbo News


Mayor Maoguanglie came to visit Guangbo


On 27th, May, Mayor Maoguanglie, vice-mayor Yuhongyi totally 140 government leader came to visit Guangbo Group. They reviewed the present Guangbo developing situation of paper making products and digital camera and held civic industry structure optimization upgrade meeting.

Maoguanglie visited Guangbo digital science and technology company and also came to production workshop and research department to know present situation from different side. General manager Chengang of Namometer company introduced the characteristic of namometer material and the developing foreground of present namometer material market. After it, Maoguanglie reached Guangbo digital science and technology company limited. He not only saw the digital camera production line but also visited international first class level digital camera production equipment. When he heard that our digital camera had passed American FCC and European CE authentication, he praised the performance we had got in so short time.

Mayor Maoguanglie had a talk with CEO Wangliping about present situation and developing foreground of Guangbo Group. He advised us to make progress by science and technology innovation when we were facing resource and raw material cost increasing.

In the meanwhile, Mayor also held civic industry structure optimization and upgrade meeting. The meeting required local enterprise to perform government “1+7” policy and improve efficiency. All the enterprises shall pay more attention on environment protection, quality control and safety supervising. At the same time, government also will service for our enterprises and support them for industry upgrade.

Vice mayor also made a speech requiring our enterprise technology innovating and our government also will establish completely industry economy development valuation system to offer more spare developing space.



Passion May in Guangbo


On the 21st, May, Guangbo held a big party subject on “Passion May in Guangbo” that attracted thousands of employees.

Culture is also a kind of productivity to complete with others. So our civic culture bureau start to prompt the activity of “Culture entering into enterprise”. Deputy director of culture bureau Chenmingxian, curator Mr.Huang attended this party. On the party there were many different wonderful programs including dancing, single singing, gramary, and Kongfu Show that won a lot of applause from audiences.

The party was full happy and pleasure atmosphere with the subject of forwarding with time that really relaxed our employees.



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