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Periodical 27


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Harmonious Constructing and developing together

To build Guangbo culture based on core value


How to build harmonious enterprise environment is the well perspective for each enterpriser. It is also our group want to do. We have started to cultivate inner fair, democracy, credit, healthy such enterprise atmosphere and build innovation, study, credit, mission these core value of enterprise culture to prompt and develop the profession, multi-industry and globalization of our company.

Our president Wangliping thinks that our enterprise culture is not single but a kind of thinking and system following 2 conceptions –harmony and developing. It can be explained in the words of Study, Innovation, Credit, Mission. So building harmonious developing conception is to search and establish special and inimitable systemic enterprise culture that includes 3 main bodies.

Keep the advancement of leading team

Excellent leading team is the main parts for a company to continuously developing. It needs us to build ladder model management team to develop together.

Strategy management expert thinks that it may depend on one man to get success for a company but it is dependent on the excellent leading team for a company to continuously develop.

Harmonious developing for talent resource

In the present enterprise, talent resource has been the core resource of all the available resources. Most of our talent resource is knowledge staff that is just the study model staff theory that our staff wants to advocate.

We have to solve 2 problems for the talent resources. One is to improve the quality of talent resource. Another is how to use the present talent resource completely. As a mature enterprise, it shall make developing schedule for its staffs that is essential parts to build harmonious enterprise environment.

In our group, we shall pay more attention on talent resource. We are not allowed to loss each talent. By establishing right protection center and green mail box, we have strengthened technique training and education training especially for staff in first line of production.

Opening and compatible culture atmosphere

Harmonious developing enterprise environment needs opening and compatible culture atmosphere. It allows each staff to offer their different suggestion and make enterprise alive and shown by the rule of study, innovation and credit.

Through 3 aspects, Guangbo cultivates its study model enterprise culture.

(1). Establishing staff school and training basic technique.

(2). Establish talent base to train excellent staff.

(3). Deepening enterprise management study and training international level talent.




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