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Guangbo Group 2004 trade union congress was held successfully

-----Wish for the New year, encouraging perfect employees & awarding prize


Literature entertainment was performed very excellent.

In the afternoon of 6th, Feb, our trade union congress was held on time. There were 3000 employees attended this congress. All branch factories shown their different programs. The program name “ prpr prpr romantic cherry blossom” from printing branch factory employees was dancing with happy music; A song “ stray brother” sang by Humiangong from stationery branch factory was cheered by our employees from other areas; Guangbo working clothes show won the attendees applause, when the music started, our model came out with our company products including stationery products, namometer metal material and digital camera that made us proud of our enterprise.

Honor meeting for awarding annual excellent employees

After it, Our Group CEO paid a New Year call for our employees and he pointed out that year 2004 was the year full of difficulties for us. But we keep to innovation, studying, reputation, mission and still won many performances like industry upgrade, ERP project performing, inner management by network, quality control improvement, supported by our national board of trade as famous export brand. At same time, he also required us to develop our company on international business, digital camera and namometer material by extending production scale, improving labor capacity, purchasing new product with high technology and profit, investing 60 million for technological transformation, training for our employees.

Group general manager Wangjunping announce the list of excellent group, superior management director and excellent production worker and then CEO Wangliping sent them awards and honour certification to praise their performance in the past one year.

Employee representation Shengdeyang made a report on meeting for how to be a eligible employee in Guangbo Group. In his report, he called all of our employees to work hard to contribute for our Group.

Lottery brought us good luck in the new year

After hornour meeting, we started lottery activity. Our employees were interested all kinds of awards including induction cooker, clothes, Guangbo digital camera, electrical vehicle, 29’ color TV. Our employees seemed very happy when they won the award as it also represented good luck in the new year. 



Upgrade Guangbo printing industry by Investing 30 million to purchasing CTP system.


Recently, as the model information enterprise in Ningbo city, Guangbo purchased global terminal network system – CTP automatic publish system by investing 30 million. It improved printing technology for our group and made our printing industry upgrade to a further step.

Compared with traditional printing flow of production, the CTP automatic publish system had replaced original Feiling execution. It saved 8

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