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To Build Guangbo culture by taking core value conception as drive power

By Guangbo president – Wangliping



“Guangbo” mean wide and broad, and is the result of thought and passion. Its sales net all over 60 counties has prove it great future and wide chest.

If a company lack special company culture, he will be short of long target and strong power, and then be eliminated by the changing market environment soon. Corporation culture is a kind of core spirit to show itself that can be accepted and agreed by employees. For a long time, Guangbo devote itself to develop corporation culture with innovation, learning, honest and mission. It has promoted Guangbo Group to develop in a professional, multi-industry, and globalization way.

Innovation is the most powerful drive to pursue perfection

Innovation is the core for Guangbo to develop and also bring energy to Guangbo in the industry upgrade and system revolution. Guangbo industry develop from aluminum and alloy door and window to printing industry, then to album such kind of stationery and namometer material, digital camera such high and new tech products. Based on the direction of market, we remain the value conception of forever innovation and changing.

In face of innovation, Guangbo people name themselves as “wide sky and broad chest”. In the beginning of Aug,2003, a whole set of stencil paper machine with superior performance was birthed in the dynamic equipment department of Guangbo Group. But you know there were only 4 technician in charge of research and it only took them 2 month to finish it while the price of this machine was not less than 1 million. In fact, it is not the only the first machine created by Guangbo Group to improve its production ability. In 2003, Guangbo power equipment department had saved 5 million for fixed investment. But we should not think Guangbo is the professional equipment making cooperation, the research and manufacture of paper making stationery is his main line and then extend to namometer material and digital camera industry. That is the principal we are pursuing to search stable and positive low cost extension.

We have owned 2750 different kinds of specification products with different design in order to catch the demand of different culture, different nation and different level people for more than 60 countries all over the world.

Study is the core conception for the developing of corporation

As a person, if you want to develop yourself, you must keep studying. And it is the same to a company. We learn advanced management experience, marketing conception and corporation culture but all limited in the decision-making and management level. But in the modern corporation, it requests all the employees in the company to keep studying. And Guangbo Group focuses on cultivating talents with continuous study.

Guangbo Group think the change of a company is depend on the change of person. So the knowledge update is the basic demand for modernist. Study and training seem no direct relation to the management of a company, but nobody will deny that study and train is a kind of productivity. A company without study and training for its employees, it will make some talents go away even destroy them. No study and training mean severe waste of manpower and finally it cause reduction of talent and decrease of productivity. When Guangbo Group define the brand culture of “ Gauangbo”, he put study in the first position and explain name of Guangbo by the meaning of listening all the comments in company and making friends outside of company. The Group bring study into the scope of corporation management. He invite applications in a public and scientific way to find integrated administrator and technician out of company and find marketing talent and supervisor by cultivating and develop talent in our own company.

Year 2004 is a year for study in Guangbo Group. By using all kinds of way to cultivate and develop talent, we finish training some good basic employees and leads to make our company more competitive and impel our company to develop in a healthy and continuous way.

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