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Famous economist Wujinglian and Deputy secretary of Municipal committeeDeputy Chief Executive Maoguanglie when they visit Guangbo Group, they pointed out that:


We shall develop new industry with core competitive high technology


Reported by our own newspaper ( By Luojia)

Several days ago, State Department research center researcher, national politics association commissioner, famous economist professor Wujinglian, and Deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, Deputy Chief Executive Maoguanglie came to inspect our company. They visited our namometer company, digital company and printing branch factory. After listening to the introduction of Guangbo developing strategic transfer from traditional stationery to new and high technology industry, they praised the development of Guangbo in Global competition and talent strategy, and gave their suggestion that private company rely on innovation and take the advantage of brand value to search new approach from industry circulation and development.

When Professor Wujinglian visited Namometer material limited company and digital technology limited company under Guangbo Group, Doctor Chenguangqiang and zhangjunjiang made a report of Namometer and digital camera in details, this multi industry development strategy impressed Professor Wu deeply and agreed to upgrade industry in Guangbo group. Guangbo group was the representative group in traditional paper make line of our country, the quality of books and album produced turned to more and more perfect. But as the improper competition in local market, Guangbo wanted to develop new and high technology industry in digital camera and then to realize the strategic development for Guangob brand. He figured out because we had not established base system for new and high technology industry developing, so we can not be successful though our slogan of exceeding world advance technology had been coined for years. Information industry was updated very soon. only we grasped latest advance technology, we could not been defeated. So we must establish the conception of “system before technology” and develop ourselves as soon as we can. As you known, a new model of cell phone and digital camera will enter into market each one or two days, and price would be cut down very quickly. Without core technology, we can not be more competitive.

Professor Wu also analyzed the strong challenge for private company at present:

Competition turns stronger as the increasing product supply in local market;

The requirement of our customer turns more rigorous under the buyer market;

World market also turned stronger, after corporation recombination at the end of last century;

Some foreign countries use more and more antidumping measures to protect their local market.

He pointed out that our government should improve business environment, opened market entrance admittance much wider, establish public and lawful government systems, improve financing condition, strengthen information and consultation service for our company. At same time, our private company should improve ourselves by below ways:

---Enhance our core competition ability;

---Optimize corporation property right system;

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