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Mr.Funing Xu, the deputy secretary of municipal committee point out that Guangbo Group shall expedite the development of its industry positively when he visit our company.


On 31st,March, Mr.Funing Xu, the deputy secretary of municipal committee, accompanyed with Mr.Yongnian Shou the secretary of our district committee visited our Namometer material Co.,Ltd and digital science and technology Co.,Ltd these 2 companies under our Group. After listening to the board chairman Mr. WangLiping 's introduction of our industry development more than ten years. And by taking the chance of building science and technology zone, Gruangbo group develop high-tech and new technology industry greatly like Namometer material, digital camera,MP3 media player, and other digital electronic product, intelligentized furniture, etc, Mr.Xu pointed out that Guangbo Group shall expedite the development of its industry positively, create Guangbo industry circle, deep developing thought, expedite the related industry cooperation, take the change of building Guangbo Science and technology zone, impel  industry configuration optimization and upgrade, quicken economy development, continuously enlarge the scale of enterprise, stress on developing hi-tech technology and new technology, also boost and promote the development of stationery to a greater scale and superior level, build a multi-industry , multi-brand, international Guangbo Group, make Guangbo Gruop being an  internationalization corporation early.

First Mr.Xu came to Guangbo Namometer Co.,Ltd, after reported for the characteristic and developing prospect of namometer material in detail by Chairman Wangliping and Doctor Chengang, he pointed out that namometer technology as a kind of new technology in the new period, it should be paid more attention to develop, and make more efforts to conquer the difficulties in research, our company should attract more technical talents to develop this product together, keep on creating innovation while in developing. Then, Mr.Xu went to Guangbo digital science and technology Co.,Ltd, accompanyed with Chairman Wangliping and Doctor Zhangjunjiang, and visited digital camera production line, and new production equipment of digital camera with international first class standard. Chair Wangliping introduced the function and patent of digital camera in detail, also made a detailed report for the developing plan of Guangbo digital camera in the future: Guangbo digital science and technology Co.,Ltd develop and research digital camera technology, manufacture and sell digital camera, and gradually develop electronic science and technology industry like MP3 media player, such product, is one way of multi-industry development. Fist fixed focus digital camera with CMOS 2.1 effective megapixel produced by our own company have been certified by experts and all the standards are up to the market quality requirement after examination of country camera testing center, and also pass the test of American FCC , European CE, export to America ,Hongkong and Mid East Dubai market more than 3000 sets, and sell in great quantity in domestic market like Tangshan, Dalian, Zhengzhou, Ha'erbin, Shenyang,etc.

Because of strong competition on the market, to avoid being defeated, we must keep on innovating, so our company has started research CCD3.1 effective megapixel autofocus digital camera to supply market. And our company also will invest a great amount to produce digital camera, planning to build 10 production line, and the main equipment like siemens Placement Systems, outside shell moulding machine, spraying machine, 20000X zoom electron microscope, high speed punch machine, plasma testing machine, etc. They are all from worldwide famous brand machinery corporation. At present, digital company cooperate toughly with some American and Japanese companies, by technology tracing and upgrade, including automatic exposal, automatic self-balance, automatic focus adjustment, USD, etc ,  to open the international market in the coming years.

Chairman Wangliping also introduced Guangbo new science and technology zone symboled by namometer and digital camera, now the zone had been built more than 133000 square metersand all the branch factories will move to this new working place. That mean our Group will keep on develop and expending.

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