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NingBo’s Party secretary BaLuchaoyin pointed out

GuangBo Group should optimize its hi-tech industry when he inspected the group


GuangBo News, journalist WeiYuqi. After we went into the year of 2004 several days, the NingBo’s Party secretary BaLuchaoyin and the Party secretary general Chen Gang, a member of the standing committee of the city’s Party committee, made an inspection and research accompanied by the leaders of YinZhou district’s party committee and government. They made the group as the first station in their trip. The Party secretary BaLuchaoyin was accompanied by the group’s president Wang Lipin successively visited the GuangBo Digital Science and Technology Co., ltd; the factories and developing department of the GuangBo Nanometer Material Co., ltd; and the workshops of the printing factory-the group’s traditional industry. After he listened to the report made by Mr. Wang, he pointed out that the group should unswervingly hold the goal of “starting business again, doubling output value in four years”, deepening thoughts of development, and that the group should focus on the construction of the GuangBo Science and Technology Park, promoting the optimization of the industrial structure, fastening the development of mass-economy, and that it should try its best to be a large company with great hi-tech industry and competitiveness and push and promote the improvement of the traditional stationery industry in scale and level, constructing advanced manufacturing base at high beginning.

While Mr. Ba with others first visited the GuangBo Nanometer Material Co, ltd., president Mr. Wang and Dr. Chen introduced Nanometer Material’s features and future in detail. When he heard that the material had broken its industrial bottleneck and had been produced for overseas markets and processed several its own patents, Secretary Ba said happily: “the returned Dr. Chen should feel proud of having chance to do something for his hometown and country. Then Secretary Ba and others came to the GuangBo Digital Science and Technology Co., ltd. They visited the production line and other top-level equipment imported from overseas for GuangBo digital camera. After Dr. ZhangJunjiang introduced GuangBo digital camera’s features and patent in detail, president WangLipin reported the company’s blueprint of strategic plan for its development: the GuangBo Digital Science and Technology Co., ltd mainly devotes itself to digital camera’s research, development, production and marketing, and gradual development to other electronic fields such as MP3, digital photo frame and digital transmissive printing equipment. Presently, the first CMO2.1mp fixed-focus camera had passed professional’s test. After passed the test made by the national camera-testing center, the US’s FCC and the Europe’s CE, this kind of camera of 1500 had gone to the U.S., HongKong and Dubai market as well as home market such as TangShan, DaLian, etc.

The group had planed to invest 500 million RMB in the project of digital camera, setting up 10 production lines and importing the major equipment with famous brands in the coming 3-5 years. At present, the company was closely cooperating with several US and Japan-based companies to improve the product’s technology. It was estimated that the company could produce digital cameras (2.1mp-4mp) of 3 millions, among them more than 40% would be sold to US’s and Europe’s markets.

After hearing president Wang’s report, the party secretary BaLuChaoyin pointed out the reasons why the GuangBo Group, growing up from the labor-intensive stationery industry, could become a rapidly developing group which presently had 13 subsidiaries only in 11 years lay in three aspects: first is market. The group had been doing many things in market expansion; second is innovation. The group’s development was closely related to GuangBo’s ability to innovate; third is brand. As a leading company in stationery trade, the group never forgot to develop its brand, until now the GuangBo had been the famous brand in ZheJiang province. Having these firm supports, GuangBo should strengthen its traditional stationery industry and overall optimize the development of its hi-tech industries, on the basis of constructing the Science and Technology Park, in order to make itself to be a large modern group with local and overseas famous brand.



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