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Three subjects- of creating “culture, study, love”

The GuangBo’s trade union promotes the group’s economic development


GuangBo News, journalist WeiYuqi. The trade union of the group has always been devoting itself to some detailed works such as protecting workers’ rights, welfare and development since it was founded. Through its many years’ hard work in the policy of ‘the big framework, conducting in detail’, the group has now initially been established to be a new industrialized company with three distinct subjects of “culture, study and love”. Consequently, the union has also acquired a good reputation from the general union in district and municipality.

The basic spirit of the general route about the trade union’s work made by the state federation of trade union is to unswervingly promote the enforcement of the principle of wholeheartedly depending on labor class to further reinforce the union’s function on defense. The defense that is taken attention by the union means not to only defend the whole benefit but the detailed benefit of employees that includes their economic benefit and democratic political rights and other legal rights and spiritual cultural benefit. At the same time, it also teaches and helps them to constantly improve the quality of thought, morality, science and knowledge. Through the series of actions, the union completely encourages the workers’ enthusiasm and creativity and applies them to promoting reform and development and defending stability.

After the union arranges its various works and makes its framework of the overall development, it always carries out its works around the principle of three defenses with the subject of “culture, study and love”.

Creating “GuangBo with culture”

The GuangBo Group is a new diversified company with stationery products as major industry whose notebook, album and account-keeping book are appreciated by a great number of customers. The group is actively forming GuangBo culture and closely connecting between cultural activities and worker’s rights, selectively and steadily carrying out the development of cultural GuangBo by plan.

When the union organizes some cultural activities, around the principle of ‘promoting development with culture, establishing culture with development’, it always closely connects between worker’s study of skills, security, entertainment and the group’s integral development, and considers some cultural activities such as playing basketball, entertainment party as part of the worker’s life and makes subjects and central content of these activities according to month and festivals to encourage everyone to take part in the activities and to make everyone get something meaningful.

 “GuangBo View” is the transmitter of GuangBo’s culture. It aims to magnify GuangBo’s spirit and to develop GuangBo’s culture; inspire worker to study and promote GuangBo’s development. As a part and major media of GuangBo culture, it is a mirror of viewing the group’s development and growth. It functions as a bridge to connect between the inside and the outside world. It opens more channels to receive worker’s advice and adopts virtues from all quarters inside, and makes more friends and adopts virtues from all quarters outside. The two points embody the GuangBo’s cultural connotation-“wide space, broad heart”.

Constructing “study-oriented GuangBo”

If someone wants to grow up he must study constantly, so does a company. Formerly, we learned advanced management experience, marketing theory and company culture from those developed countries, but most of that are for top management. Nowadays, the study-oriented companies require that their staff study constantly and absorb knowledge in all aspects, which is also good to the companies. Therefore, while the GuangBo Group develops rapidly, it concentrates on the development of study-oriented talented people.

Considering the group’s integral improvement, the group set up the school for its employees at the end of 2002 and first referred to itself as the study-oriented company. To new employees, they must join the training on rules and job that made by the group and conducted by professional trainers. The content of training mainly includes the group’s regulation and rules, safety proceeding, propriety,

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