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Establishing worker school   Developing study-oriented people


The GuangBo Group concentrates on the establishment of study-oriented company


GuangBo Newspaper, Journalist WeiYuqi, WuJunqiang. If someone want to grow up he must study constantly, so does a company. Formerly, we learned advanced management experience, marketing theory and company culture from those developed country, but most of that are for top management. Nowadays, the study-oriented companies require that their staff study constantly and absorb knowledge in all aspects, which is also good to the companies. Therefore, while the GuangBo Group develops rapidly, it concentrates on the development of study-oriented talented people.

The year of 2003 is the first year that the group advocates to start its business again, and the key year that the group changes from the company for stationery to diversified company. While making the strategy on development and enforcing industrial improvement, the group takes the development of study-oriented talented people and the establishment of study-oriented company as another key strategy on talented people and culture.

The GuangBo group thinks that the rooted change of a company depends on the change of its employees, thus renewing knowledge turns out to be the basic need of modern people. There seems no direct relation between study, training and company’s operation. However, no one can deny that study and training are the productivity. A company would not only hold its talented people but also destroy them without arranging them to study and carrying out training, likewise, a company would have to face serious waste of human resource without study and training, and the final result is by all means the same as the waste of soil in nature. In order to solve the crisis resulting from the waste of human resource and the reduction of productivity, while it departs the human resource department from the others, the group wants to employ comprehensive talented people in management and technology from the outside through open and scientific employment and election, and to choose study-oriented talented people in marketing and management from the inside through the cultivation and development.

While developing its traditional stationery industry, the GuangBo Group also takes part in the other industries, which needs further strength in competition, so the group takes the open economy policy and joins competition in all aspects. Being good at study, thinking and rapid applying new knowledge to the development of the group has been the key factor of the group’s success. Studying more quickly and better than others is the only advantage of a company’s success in the future. The economist and management expert think unanimously: study-oriented company is the mode of successful companies in the future.

Reforming to be a study-oriented company, the group has to go through three stages.


Opening worker school  Training them in their basic skill

Because the stationery trade is a labor-intensive industry, the group employed a lot of low-educated workers in the past, and they had difficulty to operate some simple machines and hadn’t enough knowledge on technology. With the development of industrial technology and production automation of the group, improving the quality of its employees through various training, especially the training on their skills, has been becoming increasingly imperative. Considering the group’s integral improvement, the group set up the school for its employees at the end of 2002 and first referred to itself as the study-oriented company. To new employees, they must join the training on rules and job that made by the group and conducted by professional trainers. The content of training mainly includes the group’s regulation and rules, safety proceeding, propriety, what is more, the humane culture with its own characteristic that needs the employees to understand and study. In addition, the group conducts systematic

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