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The Thirteenth periodical
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The “GuangBo” digital camera firstly goes to customers


GuangBo Group attended the second International Commodities Fair and got plentiful profits


GuangBo News: the journalist WeiYuqi, from Sep.22nd to 26th, the fifth ZheJiang Invested and Trading Talks Meeting and the second International Commodities Fair were solemnly opened in NingBo international meeting and exhibition center. GuangBo Group attended the both fairs with more than 80 kinds of albums and notebooks filled in two counters after careful design. This time, among them the light point lay in the new three DT1121 digital cameras that go out of factory in Sep.20th.

According to ShuYaopin, manager in charge of this movement of attending the both fairs, this time, the group’s participation mainly aimed for showing the group image to home and abroad customers and the movement had achieved our expected results. Many home and abroad customers were interested in GuangBo albums, notebooks and digital cinemas displayed that had recently been introduced. Because GuangBo stationery have been rather well-known and appreciated by customers in U.S., Europe, the Middle East area and Southeast Asia, thus this movement, on the one hand, fully displayed the group image of actively taking part in the both fairs, on the other hand, it makes customers get to know GuangBo group better. This time, the group’s participation aimed for fully displaying the comprehensive strength and image, and the newly introduced three DT1121 digital cameras absorbed attentions of a group of people with their colors, shapes and functions, a businessman from the Middle East area observed it for a long time with interesting and asked detailed knowledge about their prices and functions, many journalists from ShangHai and BeiJing also were interested in the cameras.

In the exhibition hall where contained many delegations of enterprises, the participants racked their brains to take various measures in order to absorb attentions of customers. GuangBo group invited some talented persons to perform trick-cycling to absorb a great number of businessmen, while they got to know and appreciated the performance, they also knew the special vigor that only GuangBo group has owned.

The first display of the digital cameras produced by the group gave additional color to the group’s counters in the hall, which resulted in many journalists from several medias that located in NingBo making following visits and interviews for several times. According to Mr.Wang with the group, the advantages of this kind of camera, which very suits to college students and family travel, lie in its shape and function and the convenience to take with the customers. There had had been no less than ten enterprises that have intentions to order the cameras, moreover, some businessmen had had been interested in cooperation with the group at press time.

Though the digital camera are now in the greatly changed age, since the GuangBo group declared to invest in digital industry at the end of last year, it had been succeeding continually. The integral construction of distinguished employees, fund, technology and equipment, to full extent, displayed the group’s style of high efficiency and accuracy. Over a long time past, the home digital products market was occupied by foreign brands, esp. the hi-tech market, and the foreign digital products always kept the image of high price and quality, so most of home enterprises had to compete with each other in low-tech market with below 2MP. In low-tech market, though the competition is now still sustained, the products with low quality have hardly attracted customers. The cameras with above 2MP are the mainstream of the consumption.

Many home enterprises such as FangChen and DEC Chonghen determined to break the old pattern through the cameras with 2MP. Before long, several home enterprises including FangChen and Lenovo suddenly dropped the price of 2MP camera produced by them to no more than 1700 yuan, yet the measure could not absorb attentions of many foreign-funded companies, because the key part of the camera with 3MP above was firmly controlled by them, the home enterprises had to run the business at a loss, but it was not certain that they had capacity of competition with the foreign companies. In fact, as for the ones used by companies and families, the digital cameras with 2MP and above are adequate, their accuracy and clearness can meet the demands of common consumers. GuangBo group took the 2.1MP cameras as the beginning point of its development of digital products. When it entered into digital industry, the group set the price of no more than 1000 yuan for its digital products, which by all means has a strong impact on other enterprises that sell their products at high price. Such advantages as capital, technology and broad marketing net resulted from the cooperation with foreign-funded enterprises and cross-national large supermarkets will lead the GuangBo digital products to be the pioneering products with low price and high quality.


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