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The establishment of the NingBo Stationery Trade Association

GuangBo Group actively expands for carrying out the promotion of new industry

GuangBo News (journalist WeiYuqi), the day of the 8th month of the 23rd deserved memory to more than 600 companies for stationery in NingBo. The NingBo Stationery Trade Association was declared open and it is the first trade association of stationery in the country.

There are more than 3000 companies for stationery in different scale in the country. They develop independently whether in meeting home consumer market or expanding export for a long term, there is no norm and unified trade association to optimize and restrict them. Therefore, as a large-scale export-oriented manufacturing corporation for stationery, Mr. ShuYaopin, general manager of the import and export trading company affiliated the group, said with deep feeling: “the companies for stationery in lack of trade norm only have ability to produce few of kinds of products, the vicious competition and the lack of major products that are well-known in the markets at home and abroad have severe influence on the healthy development of the home stationary trade. GuangBo Group will optimize itself advantages to actively expand for carrying out the promotion of new industry when and after we do our best to help establish the NingBo Stationery Trade Association.

The stationery “made in NingBo” has become an important industry and export products in NingBo where has more than 600 manufacturing companies for stationery with their staff members of 100 thousand. The sale volume of stationery trade in the city gets to 10 billion yuan last year, among them more than 80% of stationery products for export covers one tenth of its gross export volume. The city now has formed five economic areas of manufacturing stationery including NingHai, BeiCang, YuYao, YinZhou and CiXi and has the biggest companies for pen, album, teaching tools and poker in the country. In the first session of Chinese stationery in August 23rd, all-China Articles For Culture Education And Sport Federation hold a ceremony to award NingHai the card of “ Chinese manufacturing base for stationery”.

The country has formed two stationery industry bases that is ChangJiang River Delta with NingBo as leading city, another ZhuJiang River Delta with ShanTou as leading city after a long-term development.  NingBo has such well-known stationery companies as guangbo, Deli, BinBin and Befa, while QiXin and Yafu in ShanTou. However, there are many small-scale companies in and out of the two bases that have no brand and pollution treatment, some even produce by hands. The Trade Association of Stationery of NingBo is founded under the historical background about how to contain these companies in one, two or more large industry bases to form the bloc for stationery with common development and progress in order to compete with large transnational stationery flagships and to gain more profits.

As one of leading stationery companies in NingBo, GuangBo Group plays a vital role in promoting development of trade and establishing well-known brand of Chinese stationery industry. While continual perfecting its leading stationery industry, GuangBo Group develops to related industries to form industrial chain including products made of paper and stationery. GuangBo Group not only expands the stationery industry circle including print, album and notebook but also seeks the promotion of new industries, for instance, improving the golden content of the brand of “GuangBo” in Nanometer material, digital cinema and intelligent products. Now, the modern GuangBo Industrial Park, invested 250 million yuan, has been basically completed that covers an area of 220Mu. This marks that the new framework of development, integrating research, production and marketing, has been basically completed that divided into administration center, research center and logistics center. GuangBo Group focuses a lot attention on the promotion of new industry and seeks multi-line and large-scale development facing the aggravation of competition of global integration. It covers a new land of 600Mu to set up GuangBo Scientific and Technological Park with Nanometer material and digital cinema as leading products. The park is the heaven where the group starts an undertaking again. Here, the group has invested successively one billion yuan in building multi-line industrial flagship with the brand of “GuangBo”. It is reported that the funds for the infrastructure get to 350 million yuan, mainly including office building, research building and workshops, and information construction used for global net of the group and ERP project that has taken effect. The GuangBo Scientific and Technological Park is the base that GuangBo Group establishes hi-tech industries. Here will contains all hi-tech projects that the group has developed and is planning to develop in coming 10 years, including more than 10 hi-tech industries such as Nanometer material, digital products and intelligent products.

Strengthening traditional stationery industry and continual promotion of new industry, GuangBo Group is actively creating advanced well-known brand of stationery by the Trade Association.


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