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Guangbo newspaper (by WeiYuqi) In these days, guangbo group has completed the arrangements and adjustments in terms of the regulations on administration of environmental and sanitary protection of guangbo Industry Park, which is another measure of which guangbo group is gradually perfecting management system. And the launch of the measure just was stimulated by SARS. During the period of SARS, guangbo group, on the one hand, addresses the problem of SARS prevention, on the other hand, addresses the central task of economic development, and is strict in promoting all-round improvement of economy and management through a series of rules and regulations.

In the special period of national economy slumped by SARS, guangbo group was strict and careful in SARS prevention through comprehensive arrangement and working in cooperation with a due division of labor. Offices, workshops and eateries disinfected in every morning and evening, group also combined SARS prevention with“6s”of arrangment, trimness, sweeping and cleanliness to clean every dirty corner including corners of stairs and every spot of processing raw materials, rubbish transferring, waste materials treatment and daily sanitation etc, besides what has been done above, group also strictly checked and registered people from outside companies and insisted on measuring every employee’s temperature everyday, and strictly examined and controlled changes of body of every employee and adopted some measures such as distributing drinks, keeping air free circulation and increasing the time of break. As for some sick employees, group asked them to hospital to make physical examination in time.

On the basis of strengthening basic management, guangbo group has launched “procedures on administration of guangbo environment and sanitation”, and will take the opportunity of SARS to thoroughly change some had habits such as littering rubbish, paper cups, wastepaper, and cut the growth of harmful germs from the root and some behaviors resulting in pollution through daily physical manners.

Besides,guangbo group also will strengthen image construction of guangbo industry park in terms of environmental and sanitary treatment. Every branch factory, workshop not only designs 6s propagandizing slogan with the subject of “arrangement, trimness, sweeping, cleaning, quality, security”but also mark out the scope of products, semiproducts, raw materials and auxiliary materials through mark out operation areas.

New image signs on main road in guangbo industry park has been designing and arranging. These image signs, at different level, show the characteristics involving Natrometer industry, digital image, stationery and company culture, etc with the image slogans of “vast world, broad-minded”, “making friends extensively, adopting advantages from all quarters”.

While strengthening basic management, facing severe impact on national economy resulting from SARS esp on foreign trade, an unfailing supply of orders come to guangbo group. It is reported that at the beginning of the year guangbo group has planned orders of foreign trade business to the end of May, local sales is increasing at a moderate rate. By the end of April, group has produced 154.2353 million yuan worth of printing, plastic cement, stationery and albums, among them 50.1184 million produced in April, and local trade volume is 30 million yuan. Though various areas influenced severely by SARS, esp Guangzhou called southern gate of foreign trade in the country, and Guangzhou Commodities fair has lost many foreign businessmen by SARS, which has resulted in sharp shrinkage of foreign trade business, guangbo group has planned its orders to the end of May due to its brand appeal and high reliability. In the period of decline of foreign trade business, tourism and restaurant service, guangbo still urgently makes products in order to finish these orders. By the end of April, foreign trade volume has gotten to 120.2663 million yuan increasing by 63.8% than last year, group has a accomplished expecting aim on local market, and local sales has gotten to 25 million yuan above increasing by 54.6% than last year in spite of some cities influenced by SARS. According to Mr. Zhang, with weakening of influence of SARS, some foreign businessmen has been contacting with us on business by fax and e-mail and guangbo is also getting better on local market. The journalist walked around every workshop of stationery branch, album branch, plastic cement branch and printing branch and found that NO.1 line was still working orderly, every workshop is accomplishing new manufacturing task and hope that there are more employees to meet need of manufacture after SARS ends. A leader of planning center said that they were hastening to manufacture products and orders continually came here, businessman Mr. Zhang had accepted an order of more than 1 million USD from U.S.

“Our marketing has not been affected at all until now at least, and we also know that SARS has gradually been controlled, we are convinced that we can pass safely the period of SARS,”said general manager Wang.

Taking SARS prevention as the turning, through renovating environment and sanitation and strengthening inner managerment, and expanding market at home and abroad in various ways, economy of guangbo not only hasn’t affected by SARS also grown at little extent. These experiences will not only strengthening guangbo’s economic development and management foundation but be the motivity of its second flight.

if you keep on, you will succeed in time


In these days, the streets of NingBo is full of liveliness again, suspected patients in YuYao and FengHua confirmed to be normal, 65 primary school students having gotten back classrooms at east bank of the river, and municipal government checking strictly every toll-gate, which make citizens full of ease. Though there are possibility of that SARS rebound, the number of infected patients in inland areas and Beijing has made us gradually calm, what must be done still being done, previous life still going on. Whatever we meet, life is still the same as before.

Guangbo also actively respond calls from municipal government on SARS prevention, and bring forth the new by weeding through the old to set up leaders group of SARS prevention. Group not only cut off the source of infection through strictly controlling the infected possibility from people of outside companies, but also strengthen management to employees when they are off duty and ask employees who contact with people of outside companies face to face for reporting in time, and apply for and purchase a great number of thermometers, persist in measuring temperature to workmen everyday and ask those persons w

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