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Guangbo group promotes management as a kind of productivity


advocate the rationalization proposal, strengthen 6S standard construction

Guangbo: (Wei Yuqi) . Promote management as a kind of productivity, make management as the another lever that develops Guangbo economy, Guangbo group carries out drastic reforms and systems this year. By implementing managerial construction of 6s, advocate the rationalization proposal “step by step” and “decline the manage cost for 3million” has become an embodiment of a kind of productivity of manage promotion.

Guangbo Group makes 2003 as the company’s year of management. The company asks all cadre and employees to grab the little things around themselves tap and have the higher efficiency, carry out 3 looking for activity look for gap look for reason, look for countermeasure, carry out 6s management on-the-spot and advocate rationalization proposal. Through an overall improvement and standardize the management on the spot get quality from management, get benefit from management. No rule, no circus fierce. an enterprise want to develop, it must establish compete systematize management system in attendance system, encouragement system safe system ,production system and so on . in 2003 Guangbo will make perfect in and progress in administrative management with the development of global economic integration, a lot of industries have presented a phenomenon of overproduction, a lot of enterprises seek interconnection and cooperation trade , especially for some enterprises whose management , technology, capital and so on are relatively concentrated, present a more obvious tendency of monopoly and infiltration between industries. The homes enterprises still exist serious peoples of managerial gap on competition, In an administrative manage, met which take quality as its core, 6s have become the most basic managerial item. There was a saying in ancient time that: if you don’t sweep a house, how can you sweep the world.

Guangbo carry out vigorously for the standard of 6s. In company’s internal just begins from “sweep a house” as an attainment a habit gradually so we can do other works better. At present, company’s inside includes offices of the administrative building have so much not essential things without some regulations, no lots of things are put disordered. Guangbo Group is one of the reception enterprises of Ningbo City for foreigners. So it also influence company’s impression. If the staff also lack in the self- management quality,. The results will be worse.

At the beginning of 2003. In order to cooperate with the needs of company’s economic development and second phase of development” carry out 3looking for activity tap and have the higher efficiency, namely look for distance. Causes and counter measure in the work, looking for distance is namely through doing accounts and contrasting, tap and have higher efficiency, demand every subsidiary for factory, workshop, organizes the teams and groups mobilize staffs, find out what is the cause that influence product quality, output and cost, where is the serious waste of company, branches, workshops and groups what is the distance that influence economy technical indictors accomplishment, find out distance of management which surround us, seek cause is through eyes inwards,as to the problem which has been discovered and existed, do not emphasize the objective cause blindly, instead, we should realize the basic cause is the distance of ideological idea,we must set up competitive consciousness, can’t satisfied with the existing state of affairs. We should have sensitive vacation to market, we also should have distinctive innovative consciousness and crisis awakens. On the basis of looking for the subjective cause, we should have a “bottleneck” diagnose. If the “bottleneck” needed to be talked on technology set up the deadline for tacking. Make the measure of rewarding, arouse the enthusiasm of worker fully; looking for countermeasure is connected “3 looking for activity” with the production and operation through the management. Achieve the purpose that not only solves the idea but also solves the practical problem. Lay the distance and cause out which the worker find out, list looking for countermeasure in the item of tapping and having the higher efficiency and bring it out the examination of the system of economical responsibility, launch the mass activity of technical innovation, encourage works to make the technical reform and management innovation. Widen the thinking and outlet of tapping and having the higher efficiency through: 3 looking for activity”

In addition, In order to cooperate with the development of company’s management ,the company pays close attention to all different aspects such as the system of attendance ,the forestation of planarea ,personal reform and encourage system ,And in stressing enterprise construction of cultural and spiritual civilization ,combine cultural with the production, use cultural spirit to bring along the production and cultural spirit ,regard general Party branch as representatives ,Launch activity of “fight ‘three high’ .

“create three one” among all party members and cadres .”Fight for Three high “is to require the awareness of party members and cadres to be higher than workers ,the working skill of party member and cadres higher than workers ,the working achievements of party members and cadres higher than workers .”Creating three one “is make the first class of image ,post model and the working achievement . We will take in democratic test and asses in Party members and cadres at first and also demand Party cadres to set examples for others . Among each office of subsidiary factory ,make sure “10 should and one finish “ namely ,the environment is hygienic ,dressing is neat ,speaking is kind ,the service is enthusiastic ,working is civilized ,the management is standard ,the procedure is perfect ,the inspection is strict ,the coordination is unanimous .We should make management strictly and the serve civilized enthusiastic ,let the company present a completely new appearance .

Optimize management ,promote management as a kind of productivity ,it’s an important link of Guangbo Group to promote enterprise image ,draw in collective wisdom and absorb all the useful ideas, tap and have the higher efficiency .


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